birkentstock sandals - no go or must have?

no go or must have?
the birkenstock sandals are some of the trend pieces number one this season and they cause me quite a headache.
i can't really decide if i hate them or quite like them...and i guess a lot of people feel the same. 
i meen they are not pretty but there is the argument of being really comfortable...
in my opinion there is a way to style this shoes. if you have the rest of the outfit in a really clear elegant way you can't do it wrong, then the shoes look stylish and that's why so many designers used them on the runway!
but on the other hand you can make it so wrong with these shoes! styling flowers with them or anything to lazy that makes them look like kinda orthopedic shoes or just house shoes.
i think i won't buy them because i just am not persuaded yet, but i looked for some nice outfits going very well with the birkenstock sandals.
What do you think of these love-hate-shoes?


gossip girl

gossip girl is definitely one of my favourites series! (besides sex and the city)
it's not only the story but also the style. the clothes are most of the time just awesome! and i can't say which characters style i like the most, the classic blair or the always stylish serena? but also the other girls have sometimes adorable outfits!
so here are some photos of there looks, who is your favourite character?

how often did i imagine living the life of gossip girl. beeing like serena or blair, just one of these brilliant, always stylish upper east side girls.
i guess many other girls might feel like this...

just imagine one day as blair :

- getting up about 9 o'clock going to your full carpet with all these amazing designer dresses and just choosing whatever you want. then having a really nice breakfast served by the fabulous dorotha. after that, coffee in new york city with your best friend and it girl serena doing some girlstalk. and maybe because you just want a new designer piece, going shopping in all these amazing boutiques in new york. in happy times having chuck bass as your boyfriend! -

i think that sounds pretty amazing but as always when stories sound too good it can't really be true, can it?

xoxo gossip girl